Budget Night Vision - Review of Wilcox G24 Mount Clone

Tactical peeps, 

Everyone needs night vision, but it can be really expensive. There are some places we can save some coin. The mount is one of those places. 

Wilcox makes some of the best mounts for night vision goggles available, but they come at a hefty price ($500+). In this review, we will discuss a more budget friendly option - the Wilcox G24 mount clone.

This article is a summary of the review. For a more in-depth look, check out our video on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggmgo7fyaGU&t

The clone seems to be either a direct knock-off of the real thing, or a reproduction of the actual unit from another manufacturer. This means that the plant where these are made is either making these on the side or the blueprint/patent for these was leaked and others are now making it.

It has all of the same features of the standard G24 mount. 

From Wilcox 

"Wilcox Industries designs some of the most sophisticated and user-centric night vision helmet mount systems available. The first reaction people tend to have is to balk at the price tag. Sure, it is expensive, but like everything: you get what you pay for. Wilcox helmet mounts are, literally, works of engineering art. They are designed with direct input from US Warfighters at the very tip of the sharp stick. These designs are refined until they reach perfection and are then masterfully crafted in Wilcox’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

The Wilcox L4 G24 Breakaway Lever Mount is designed to interface with various bracket-style NVG Shrouds. It allows the operator to attach an AN/PVS-7A or 7C night vision goggle to a helmet-mounted Ops-Core VAS Shroud, Standard US Army 1-Hole Shroud, or even a Norotos Universal Shroud. The L4 G24 is one of the most universal mounts in the Wilcox line because it does not require a proprietary shroud. It does, however, retain the sought-after breakaway feature found on other Wilcox models. The breakaway feature allows the operator to preset the mount for a secure lock with the shroud or to allow it to break away under stress so as to prevent injury. Activities that could cause entanglement such as rappelling and fast roping or high speed operations where the NVG can bang into objects are a leading cause in neck and head injury to soldiers. The ability of the G24 to break free of the shroud under these conditions protects the user’s body and the NVG from severe injury or damage."

The clone has many, if not all of the same features.

It has the 130 degree stow, 1 inch of movement up, down, front, and back, and even has the break away tabs. The clone unit even says Wilcox and has the same NSN and part number as the original unit. You can find these online for about $100 bucks. 

Overall, we recommend this for those looking to save $400, which can go toward a PVS14 unit or a full Sionyx unit. 

Two thumbs up from LCF. 

Check out the full video review here


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